Thursday, March 27, 2014

Antique Plaza :: Downtown Mesa

Earlier this week, Jayare and I took a trip around the Antique Plaza in Downtown Mesa. It's our go-to place when searching for something unique to add to our house. Let's get real though, Jayare and I just like stopping in every few months to look around and see what's new. We almost always leave with a few things that we just couldn't live without! 

We were so close to purchasing this coffee table. We decided to pass on it so it's sill there and it's on sale, listed at $125! What a steal!

I came across this gorgeous pop-up book, Paper Blossoms: A Book of Beautiful Bouquets for the Table by Ray Marshall. I regretted not buying it so I did a little searching around and found it on Amazon

We headed downstairs (this place is HUGE!) and I found lots of cute vintage! Unfortunately, my favorite pieces weren't in my size so I had to pass on the clothing. 

I'm not a huge jewelry person, but I've been super attracted to southwest jewelry lately. I love all the turquoise and the bolo ties in this booth! 

At the front door, they've got these gorgeous rugs (above). Now, if I could only convince Jayare that we need these for our house! He doesn't appreciate southwest art as much as I do!

And last, but not least: this light fixture. This was our treasure from our latest trip to the Antique Plaza. Isn't it amazing?? We're planning on painting it a new color, maybe red. We're not set yet, but I'll be sure to share pictures of the finished look, hanging in my dining room. 

Like I said, Jayare and I just love this place! We stopped in just a few weeks ago during their Grand Re-Opening Party. You can find a photo of Jayare and I with two antique mirrors we purchased for our house. We've got them hanging up so I'll share some photos of that as well!

The Antique Plaza is located at 114 W Main Street in Mesa, Arizona. Stop in and check them out!
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given a gift card to use towards my purchase. All opinions are my own. I truly love shopping at the Antique Plaza! I've been coming here for years!! Check out my last post to the Antique Plaza!


  1. This place looks so awesome. I'm jealous! I would get way too excited that it has another floor to explore.

  2. I love going to antique malls so much!!! That light fixture is pretty amazing! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. I love antique shopping! I try to hit up all the Austin Stores and blog about them if I can.... sometimes they get on your case about photographing the merch... ya know? Cute blog and I love this post! So many treasures....

    1. Yes, I hate that!! I just want to help promote the store by sharing photos, but some places do not allow it!

  4. Beautiful photos! Love it--I live in Mesa/Tempe, so I should check it out!


    1. Yes, you really should! :) I love shopping there!

  5. How have I not stop in here before? It looks like heaven!

  6. I love going thrifting! This looks like so much fun! :)

  7. I wish arizona wasn't so far away! BUT if you are ever in Kokomo, IN I know a pretty awesome place called that seems similar. I would totally take you there :)

  8. This antique shop looks so awesome!! It reminds me of one that is a little ways away from my home. I love the rugs!


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