Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Pink

Dress: thrifted
Cardigan: hand-me-down
Scarf: gift
Belt: thrifted
Tights: I can't remember
Shoes: Payless

I thought it'd be good to share an outfit with a little pink in it, since it's Valentine's Day and all. Tonight, Jayare and I have plans to take Damien to his first concert. We're taking him to see Panic! at the Disco. Damien asked for concert tickets for Christmas, and they just so happened to be touring through Phoenix, so we lucked out! This will be my third time seeing them and Jayare's second. I was a huge fan years ago, but I'm not really that into their latest album. I'm still looking forward to the show tonight, especially since this will be Damien's first concert. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


  1. Pretty cool Valentines plan, hope you guys have loads of fun!

  2. Ooh, I want that peace sign scarf! And OMG, what kind of witchcraft are you using on your hair. It is glorious.

    1. LOL!! It's called washing your hair once a week, instead of everyday! :D

  3. Love this outfit. The tights are awesome.

  4. OOOoooooo! Nice outfit! I love your thigh tattoo!


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