Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Jewelry Holder

PhotobucketA little over a month ago, I purchased an antique fireplace cover during my antiquing adventure at Merchant Square in Chandler. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect to hang jewelry on. Oh man, that gif is kind of making me dizzy! The fireplace cover came in four folding sections that were connected together. I took each section apart and this (above) is what it looked like before I added the jewelry. I'm thinking of using one of the other pieces to hang my sunglasses or my belts. I used paperclips to hang each piece of jewelry.

You may have noticed that I don't wear jewelry very often. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first and probably most significant reason why I hardly ever wear jewelry is because I am allergic to metal. I can usually wear 24k gold, platinum, and sterling sliver without a reaction, but not the cheap-o stuff. Not only will my finger turn green, but I will most likely develop a terrible rash. Most of the jewelry that I own was given to me as a gift. I don't buy jewelry very often, because it's either too expensive or I'm probably allergic to it. Yeah, it sucks. 

The second reason why I don't wear jewelry very often is because my necklaces were always hidden in my closet or in a pile, all tangled together. Now that I have this lovely display, I have no excuse to not wear this stuff...well, the stuff that I'm NOT allergic to! ;) 


  1. I can wear ANYTHING! ^^
    I loved this idea... I'm so disorganized with my stuff!

  2. You are BRILLIANT, brilliant brilliant brilliant! Oh and though I'm not allergic to jewelry, I do tend to skip wearing it (besides my wedding ring of course) because I hate taking it on and off at the gym. Soooo my jewelry is pretty much art, hanging on a sweet rack my sister in law got me from Urban Outfitters last year! Xo Lori

  3. I know! Jewelry is really annoying to to take off/put on when you're at the gym! :/ LOL it still looks nice as wall art anyway! :)

  4. Great idea, girl! And I love your collection of jewelry- it does make a great display, even if you can't wear all of it!

    1. Thanks! I just started hanging belts from the other piece of the fireplace cover, but I ran out of paper clips! LOL

  5. Thank you :) This holder is very useful I can hang my jewelry and accessories on it.This is a brilliant idea to keep your jewelry in a proper manner (: .

    Argo & lehne


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